Gray box appears over some images in published Storyline file

Jun 06, 2013

When I publish my Storyline file for LMS SCORM 1.2 it places a gray box over some of the background images on my slides.  Each time I publish it occurs on different slides, not the same image each time.

This is what is looks like in preview mode:

This is what it looks like when published:

I really need to get this fixed as soon as possible.  Any thoughts?


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Dana Collins


Thanks for the thread you provided.  After reviewing I don't think my issue and the issue with the video in thread are related.  I have viewed the Storyline module the following ways:

  • Preview Mode unpublished - no issues with images
  • Published and viewed from the Successful Publication window - images have gray boxes (some, not all)

I really need to find an answer, we have a compliance deadline and this needs to be out there in Saba 6.1 as soon as possible.



Sam Carter


You may have tried this but...  Try to find the element that causes the bad behavior.

- save the work as test.story

- delete all slides except one with the problem

- publish the single slide, verify problem exists

- remove 1 element unrelated to the problem, publish and view

- if the problem still exists, repeat removal of another element until problem vanishes

- another angle: create a new blank project, import test.story.  Verify the bug exists, or not.

Often, when an element is identified which creates the offending issue, replacing the element or the animation of the element will resolve the issue.

Emily Ungar

This happened to me today. I originally read through this thread and then on a hunch, i resaved the .jpgs in my files as .png files. I added them back into the course and republished, and the gray box (which was covering half my first slide) went away. Just don't forget to send those images to the back (if necessary) so your buttons and hotspots still work.

Hopefully this will be of help to someone else in the future! Or maybe I just got lucky.

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