Hangman Activity Sometimes Works


I have a Hangman game template I'm using to create a fun activity in a compliance training.  I've kept the same trigger methods that were used in the original template, but I updated the word and the graphics.  When I run a preview of the course the game works just fun, but when I do a test run with users, sometimes the word pops up before they've selected all of the correct letters.  

I've run through this activity several times trying to find where the issue is but have been unable to figure out what I'm missing.  

The correct words for the Hangman puzzles are "overt" and "disparate."

Any help with this would be super awesome!

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Barbora Hotova


I am facing similar issue - I´ve created similar game in my own way (leafs falling of the tree). 

The behaviour should be - if the correct letter is selected, it appears above dedicated place. If incorrect letter is selected 1 leaf should fall of the tree. 

Unfortunatelly real behaviour is slightly different - first leaf works perfectly, but after selecting second incorrect letter the rest of the leafs falls of at the same time. 

I´ve tried all kinds of different settings for the leaf trigger but without any success.

Coudl anyone help me with this please?

(Incorrect letters are: A, M, I, O, U, L.