Has anyone had any success with pulling XML data from frame.xml?

Has anyone had any success with pulling XML data from frame.xml? 

Is it possible to use JS to get the slideid and displaytext attributes from the frame.xml file that appears in a published Storyline project. The reason I ask this is that I'm trying to generate the navigation on a screen in the module (as opposed to it appearing in the player) and would rather not have to add links to each slide manually. 

I've seen a couple of threads about people doing similar things, but have yet to create a working solution. I'm relatively new to XML and have managed to get some basic stuff working, but other than that I'm stumped.



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Russell Killips

I took a look at a frame.xml file. The slideid and displaytext are attributes of the slidelink element.

First you would use the function getElementsByTagName('slidelink') then loop through the elements to get the attributes of slideid: getAttribute('slideid') and displaytext: getAttribute(''displaytext'').

I have attached an example for you to take a look at.