Having an exit animation triggered by a change in a variable

Dec 06, 2022

Hello all,

Can this be done?

I have a puzzle type module.  9 puzzle pieces, that when you click on each one it takes you to a question to answer.

When you complete the question a trigger changes the state of the puzzle block to hidden so when you return to the main slide it is gone.  What i'm wondering is if i can add an animation to trigger when the user returns to the main slide so they can see the puzzle piece fade out.

The trigger works fine just would like something better looking than just a disappearing box.



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Jose Tansengco

Hi Ari,

Thanks for reaching out! 

Exit animations cannot be linked with conditional triggers, but motion path animations can. Have you considered using motion paths to move the puzzle pieces outside of the slide area as a way to add a little bit of design to your slide?

Tom Kuhlmann

When an object has an exit animation applied and you have a trigger to change the state to hidden, that should trigger the exit animation.

However, a challenge is that the object will exit when it gets to the end of the timeline. So you need to pause the timeline to not trigger the exit animation.

Without seeing the interaction, here's how I'd design it:

  • puzzle shows
  • click to question
  • use a t/f variable on question slide; change
  • answer question; change variable
  • when returning to puzzle slide, change the state of the puzzle piece to hidden when timeline of slide starts on condition that var = X