Having the learner choose an avatar

Jun 08, 2016

I want the learner to be able to choose an avatar to use throughout my training module. I was successful with giving the learner to avatars to choose from, but I am wanting them to have an option of choosing an avatar from eight different avatars. I created a number variable, and had it start at the default value of "0". I then created states for each avatar, along with triggers. I also created a "button set" on the "pick your avatar" page. See images below. Please help..

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Lance Treloar

Hi Emilie

You are on the right track - I have replicated your approach (although only with 4 avatars) and all appears to be working.  The main change I made was not having the avatar hidden as the initial state - I think this is where you were going wrong.

Instead I inserted a visible silhouette with the avatars in the states.

 Can't help with the "why", but here's the "how".  Working example attached. 

Good luck,


Christie Pollick

Hi, Emilie -- Thanks for reaching out here! I see that Wendy and Lance are assisting you here with some great ideas. I did want to stop in and share some other resources on using Avatars that you may find to be of interest:

Hope that helps, as well! :)