Having trouble with conditions, variables and triggers

May 16, 2013

I may have bitten off more than I can chew as a beginner with Storyline but I have a vision of where I want to end up and just need to know how to get there.  I have a base layer with a number of hot spots that take you to different layers depending on the spot clicked.  There is also an audio track.  I want to set up a trigger for another wrap-up layer that will be activated when all the hotspots have be clicked and the sound file is finished playing on the timeline.  Each of the hotspots is doing double duty as the trigger to take to another layer and as the object of a variable with a true/false toggle (starting in false and changing with a mouse click).  So I set up a trigger for the wrap-up layer to be shown when the sound was done and the variables do not equal false.  And it isn't working...

The base layer:

The first layer to show when the user clicks on the hot spot

 The variables for each of the hotspots:

And the trigger for the final layer:

 You can't scroll with the screen shot but all the variables show != Not equal to False.

Any ideas on what is or isn't happening that is making the layer not appear?


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eLearning Development


A couple of questions.  Is it possible the audio completes before all of the layers are seen?  this trigger is set to go as soon as the audio is done. 

Are you perhaps looking for the layer to show when all of the layers are viewed and the audio is complete rather than immediately when the audio completes?

If you post your story file I am sure someone will help you,  I am glad to have a look at it as well.


Dorothy Baker

I was hoping for the second option so apparently I've got it wrong.  I'm trying to attach the file but it isn't showing up.  I hope it will appear once I press the post button.  I may end up re-doing the audio but if I know what I'm doing with the triggers it should be a simple switch out.  Of course, there have been a few things I thought were simple and weren't...

Daniel Brigham


You might try moving the position the trigger that trips the wrap up layer to the very top. Sometimes the positioning of the triggers in the right-hand side triggers panel is important. Once I get back to the office, I'll take a look at the file. Thanks for posting.

This is probably just me, but I'd set the default of the T/F variables to False, and then have them switch to true when clicked on. Probably doesn't matter, though...

eLearning Development


I got it to work for you with a number of changes.  I have attached my story file.

I made visited states for your balls and then made a variable change to true when all balls visited.  I made a variable for media complete and changed it to true when media completes.  There are two triggers that go to your exit slides.  One for each of those variable changes if the other is already true.

I work in EMS in SK so glad to help out AHS.


Kevin Thorn

Hi Dorothy,

I just downloaded your .story file. It works fine as you designed it. I think part of the confusion may be the length of the audio. I clicked each of the circles and read the content. At a normal pace I was finished clicking them all at about 20 seconds. The audio runs for 49 seconds.

So if a learner clicks all the circles early, they have to wait to listen to the rest of the audio. Once the audio completes AND all those circles have been clicked, it shows the layers in sequence how you have them set up. 

I had to turn on the seekbar to *see* how it was behaving, but if you click all the circles and let the seekbar run its course, your closing layers appear just fine.

Dorothy Baker

Thanks a million!!!  I appreciate everyone's help.  My first course in Storyline was essentially complete and just waiting to figure out this problem.

I just have one question Tim, if I'm understanding your changes, you got rid of the hotspots and just used a change of state on the ovals, correct?  I considered making my life easy and just copying everything you had over into the course slide, but thought I should probably understand what you did for future reference.  Once an educator...

eLearning Development


Yes I used states on the ovals.  Once you put a trigger on a shape you get the same interaction as having a hotspot over top of it.   It also allows you to have visited states on your ovals to show what has been viewed easily.   I also took out your text boxes and put the text directly on the shape as well so the triggers would be consistent all over the shape.  If you right click and format the shape you can adjust the text box properties in the shape to adjust margins, etc.

Feel free to contact me at any time.  I am the clinical and training manager for EMS in Saskatoon so I am sure we can share ideas to help each other out.  I am definitely not a Storyline expert yet but I have a couple of years into it now as I was part of the beta testing.  I learned from this forum as well.  You will enjoy the responses you get here.

Have a great day.


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