Having trouble with state changes on rollover to a target

May 04, 2012


I'm playing the ability that when a user drags an item over a target area, the object being dragged will change to another state when the target has been hit.

I used a simple rectangle as the target area called Target

I chose a default Character as the drag object called Object

I created another state for the drag object which was a different pose called New State

I clicked on the Insert tab and while the Object was highlighted I chose " Convert to Freeform"

I then chose Drag and Drop

I put the Object in the Drag Item Column and the Target Object in the Drop Target Column

I Clicked on Save and Close

I created a New Trigger while the Object was highlighted

Action: Change State of

On Object: Object

To State: New State (Under Custom)

When: Object dragged over

Object: Target - "Rectangle"

Hover over: Object - "Object" ( Only thing to choose from, not sure what this refers to?)

This works, but if I drag out of the target area the Object state does not revert back to normal.

I tried to add another trigger action so that if the Object is dragged out of the target area, that it reverts back to the Normal state, but there is no option to do this?

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Darren! Phil's right, you'd need two triggers, and for the second one, you would also need a "when shape dragged over" target. What you could do is draw a rectangle that covers your slide, make the fill 100% transparent, and use that as the "dragged over" target for the second trigger. Attached is an example - is this what you're wanting to achieve?

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