Hazardous waste type revolving circles

Help!  Why am I getting revolving, pulsating circles in my preview of a hotspot quiz.  I have triggers to change the state of shapes under hotspots to drop correct when the user clicks the hotspot and then a trigger to show a layer when the user clicks the submit button and the correct shapes are in "drop correct" state.  When I preview and click the hotspots I get this whirling pulsating hazardous waste looking circle.  I found that by removing the freeform format that effect went away and I could just create my own correct and incorrect slides.  I looked for formatting options to get rid of the effect, but could not find anything.  I would just like to understand what was happening and if/how it can be changed.  I remember seeing a video tutorial somewhere with a map that showed the various animation options, but cannot find it again.  Alas, I am still able to do what I want with the quiz, but I would like to understand the program better.  Thanks!!

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