Hello Storyline Community: I have an issue with my Lightbox being the same color as my background. In other words...

Apr 17, 2015

My lightbox looks just like my background image. I have bars on the side which appear fine but the reset of the image appears dim. Can anyone think of what could be causing this. My properties are set to Dim non-selected layers (if that helps) so that my layers take on the same theme as my first layer. Any and all suggestions are appreciated.

See: The Migrant Health Care Bill 

1960 Migrant Health Act



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Michael Hinze

I'm probably missing somethinghere, but i| didn't see any triggers in your file that LIGHTBOXES a slide. Did you mean 'Layers'? Layers will display content on top of the baselayer, unless you hide all baselayers or style your layer content so that the baslyer content looks dimmed. When you use a trigger to lightbox a slide, that SLIDE will be displayed on top of another slide, with the underliying slide content dimmed.

Maree Eilman

Hi Michael - There is a trigger on slide "The Migrant Health Care Bill" note button Click for More Information on the Migrant Health Act" That trigger should launch a lightbox. At least that is how I have it setup. The lightbox appears over my content but it appears dimmed out like the content. There is a close box to the upper right corner and everything. It displays fine in preview it just does not display well in my LMS or in a web browser.

Maree Eilman

Michael there is another lightbox that is not working right and it is on slide "Start-Up of New Health Centers."  Click the button that has the 19 on it and then when you are taken to the layer that reads "19 Program Requirements" click on that heading. That too is a lightbox that is displaying dim. That is if you have the time. Thanks in advance. Maree

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