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Sep 15, 2018

Hello. I am running into a challenge when inserting and editing hyperlinks in Storyline 2. I have added a series of hyperlinks to external documents in Storyline paragraphs text (and also in text formatted in bullets). 

Then, when I go back to insert another line of text or another bullet amongst various lines with hyperlink, when I place the cursor in and hit enter for a NEW line (or bulleted item) then new text I start typing automatically inherits the hyperlink above or below it. And when I click to edit the hyperlink the text is all together as per of one hyperlink. 

How do I insert NEW text WITHOUT inheriting the existing hyperlink? 

I have tried many ways to fix it but it seems to be an issue with Storyline. Any insights or tips would be extremely helpful. This is a big challenge for us as we need to be able to edit and add text/hyperlinks amongst existing text. 


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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Justin, there are really only two ways to get around this problem.

  1. You either have to place the hyperlinks in seperate text boxes or
  2. put a hotspot or transparent object over the text that is supposed to be a hyperlink and then add the hperlinknto the hotspot or transparent object instead of directly to the text.
Justin Knepper

Thanks Nancy.  I considered the text box option but didn’t want to have to deal with alignment issues. 

Hotspots could work but then you have the issue of trying to get around them to edit text and they don’t “follow” their assigned position so if text moves around you have to move the hotspots. And they don’t show the viewer natural hyperlink you end up having to format. 

I am hoping the once we get access to Storyline 360 this issue is resolved. Do you use the subscription version?

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