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Jul 15, 2014

hi I have just discovered the zoom region feature- after a long time- argh-

can you use zoom region feature in layers- I cannot see how you can do this.

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Harri S

Hi Josephine,

No, unfortunately zoom regions can only be used on base layers. In the past when I've wanted to zoom on a layer I've created a new slide that looks like an overlay onto the first slide and used the zoom on there - it's a bit messy but kinda achieves the same effect.

You could submit a feature request for zoom regions on layers.

Hope this helps


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi All,

Harri's suggestion to submit a feature request was a good one, so I hope you find time to do that, Josephine.

I'd created a sample for myself a while back on zooming with a layer, so I thought I'd write up the instructions and share that with you here. I wanted more than just a static zoom in/out on the picture, so I added some effects.

Base Layer
Inserted and size original photo
Added a state to the photo I called "Fade" and added fade animation, very slow, to this state. This is for later...when we hide the layer

Zoom Layer

  1. Copied photo from base layer and pasted here
  2. Used Base Layer Objects drop-down to hide photo on base layer
  3. Cropped, sized, positioned
  4. Added an entrance animation to the photo: Grow very slow
  5. Created trigger to change the state of the photo on the BASE layer to Fade when user clicks photo on Zoom layer
  6. Created trigger to hide this layer when user clicks photo

For steps 5 and 6 they must be in this order in Trigger pane

Base Layer

Back base layer, placed a transparent shape over the butterfly
Added a trigger to show the zoom layer when user clicked butterfly

I think that captures it all. Please shout out with any questions.

Joyce Hensen

I've also been successful in getting a layer to zoom by adding the zoom at the end of the base layer timeline. This works if your slide automatically goes to the next layer by some trigger (like clicking on something or the end of the audio). If you want it to stay "zoomed" for the rest of that slide (all remaining layers), simply have the zoom timing to end of slide. If not, make the timing match the number of seconds you want the zoom to remain.

Example: Base layer content is 25 seconds long and automatically goes to the next layer. Add the Zoom on the base layer at 25 seconds and the zoom will appear on the next layer for however many more seconds you want it to be there. You could also delay that zoom and start it part way into the new layer.

Placement can be a bit of a a challenge. What I've done is copy the graphic I want to Zoom onto the base layer. Set the zoom region and then delete that graphic from the base. A little clunky, but it works!

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