Help, please, Quizzes (.story file attached)

Hi all,

New to the forums - although I have been lurking and searching a lot - so before I begin, thank you to everyone on here who helps out, really great community!

I have attached a single of the project I am working on (it's my first!). It is a pick one with triggers and variables to make it into a multi answer free text question (using the method here) I have 2 problems, firstly the storyline file I uploaded here doesn't replicate the problem I have in the full version, but I can't upload too much (employer wouldn't be happy) but I am hoping that all you lovely people here will still be able to see where I've gone wrong. In this version it won't select the correct answer at all.

Secondly (which is the real problem) in the main version the triggers don't seem to pick up the conditions properly, so for instance I type in my first answer in box 1  and it is correct, it then doesn't matter if I get the other 2 answers wrong. Basically any 1 correct answer will come up with a correct result - which seems to go against the and/or variables I have input - but then I am new at this so I am probably doing it all wrong!

Your help greatly appreciated.



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Michael Hinze

On your Submit button, you only have triggers that check the first text entry, but not the second and third. That's why it doesn't matter if you get these two answers right or wrong. You need to add triggers for those two as well and then check if all three are correct. Only then should the correct option in your offstage pick one interaction be set. Hope that makes sense.

Alex O'Byrne

Sorry, I am probably being a bit dense, but I set triggers to select Correct on condition that it checks "textentry" AND "Textentry1" AND "Textentry2" (with the subsquent list of acceptable answers set as OR for each box), and the set the same but notequal for the Incorrect button. Is that not triggered to check those as well?

Just tried on the dummy file adding seperate new triggers for each textentry and simplifying the conditions so but that didn't seem to work either, sorry to be a pain but any further clarification would be greatly appreciated.

Michael Hinze

Alex, sorry for the confusion. I had initially only looked at the conditions in the Trigger panel without opening them and scrolling down the long list of conditions you had added (Note to self: never answer a post before you had a coffee ).

The multiple And/or conditions in your triggers don't work, you need to  split them up into smaller logical chunks. See attached file. I first check if each of the three text entries fit any of the answer choices. Then I check that none of the three text entries have the same content (duplicate answers). If all text entries are correct AND there are no duplicates then the Correct choice is seleetc and the interactions is submitted. I did a quick test with a few possible variations and it seems to work. Have a look.

Also, I wonder if you should rethink your answer choices. I think it's rather unlikely that a user would ever exactly type in 'Reduced ability to carry out daily tasks such as washing and dressing'.

Alex O'Byrne

Hey Michael, that looks perfect thanks a lot! Although I am currently ignorant about the variables - will have to research that, looks like a very important feature!

I realise that the answer choices are a bit rediculous, at present just copying an interactive PDF content for a trial run - the answers on the PDF were less than inspiring, but to start with I've got to show that it actually does what they had previously before showing how much more it can do!

Thank you so much for your time!