Help! Selection and Deselection of images

Apr 21, 2023

I feel like I have tried everything and I can not get this to work.

What I am trying to do is disable selections if a specific item is selected.  In addition, I would like a True/False variable to tell me the state (selected or not selected) of an image.  

On the attached document, I have three pictures.  The first is a male the second and third are females. I have triggers that should change the state of the females to "disabled" when the male is selected. This part works as it should.  However, if you click on the male again it switches the state to "normal."  I have triggers written that say when the male's photo is normal, set the state of the two female pictures to normal, however, that doesn't happen.  Once the user clicks the male's photo for the second time it switches states from selected to disabled, but the females stay disabled. 

I also have a True/False variable that should change to true when the male's image is selected and false when it is normal.  However, like the images, it makes the initial change to true when selected, but will not change back to false if the image is clicked on again and goes back to normal.

I have tried all sorts of different ways to fix this, including using the "user clicks" as a trigger instead of "state of".  I have also tried incorporating an If statement, but I haven't figured out any solution.  Help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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