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Apr 17, 2013

What is the best way in Storyline to create a Tab or Button that is available on every screen for Help instructions? I created a marker with the expanding text box of Help information, but not sure how to get this to be available other than placing the marker on every screen. Is there a better way?

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Peter Anderson

Hey Peg!

I'm a fan of adding custom tabs to the player, and making them accessible on every slide, or just specific slides. Besides the four ready-made tabs that come with Storyline, you can also add tabs of your own. These tabs can contain any additional slide content that you want, or you can assign any other trigger action to them. Here's how to add a tab:

  1. Click the Add button (the icon that looks like a blank piece of paper) below the list of player tabs.
  1. The Trigger Wizard window appears. Type a name for the tab in the Name field.
  2. Use the Align field to choose where to place the tab. You can choose Topbar Left or Topbar Right.
  3. Use the Action field, along with the fields that follow it, to tell Storyline how to respond when learners click the tab. This is called a Trigger. (For example, if you want a certain slide to appear in a lightbox when the learner clicks the tab, you would choose Lightbox slide as the trigger action, and then choose the slide you want to lightbox.) You can also includeConditions that determine the circumstances under which the trigger occurs. To learn more about triggers and conditions, check out this tutorial.
  4. When you're finished entering the Trigger information for your new tab, click OK.
Peter Anderson

Hi Peg,

Hmm, maybe you can attach a screen shot of exactly what you're talking about just so we're on the same page? But if you enable any of the four built-in Storyline tabs (Menu, Resources, Glossary, or Notes), by default these will appear for all slides in your course. But if you want to show the tabs only when learners are viewing certain slides that's okay — you can do that. To learn how, check out this tutorial on slide properties.

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