HELP!!!!!! Their screens are freezing (....any guidance?)


I develop highly interactive web-based training modules in Storyline for 6K people in about 40 offices. My biggest issue is that the wbts freeze for about 10% of my viewers and 1% can't view them at all. What is wierd is that when I speak with one of these 10%, it seems that their computers meet the suggested viewing specifications.

I am at a loss for how to troubleshoot these issues.

I am reaching out in hopes that someone in the community has experienced this and can offer some guidance.

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John Blum

Hi Lauren,

Just out of curiosity, is it possible to find out how much memory is on the computers of the 10% that freeze? With 6K users it's possible some may have machines that don't have enough memory.

One job I had received a new laptop that was configured to all the company standards. When I had frequent problems with Storyline, we finally determined it only had half the memory it was supposed to. The increase in memory took care of most of the problems.

Hope this helps,


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Lauren,

You mentioned the system requirements here, and I wanted to link them again just in case. I'd try to narrow down if that 10% are all in a particular browser, or Flash version that may be contributing to the issue. I like to use the site to see all the pertinent information in one spot and have your users be able to send it to you. Are you using a particular web hosting platform or an LMS?