Help!!! What happened to my screen captures and pictures?

Oct 30, 2013

Oh, I'm afraid to ask what's happened to my file. I opened it this morning and everything is messed up. At first I could see the images in the thumbnail view, but then when I looked at the slide the image wouldn't show. At first I thought it was just a picture that I inserted, but now it's the screen captures, too. The inserted picture was still listed in the timeline, but it wouldn't show. 

Before realizing it involved not only the inserted pictures but also all of the images, I looked it up in the forum and found a suggestion to change the inserted picture from .jpg to .png. I tried that and it seemed to work. Then I realized it was everything.

This file is saved in the "My Articulate Projects" folder, doesn't have any odd characters, and is not a long file name. I also tried to publish it to Articulate Online, but the images still didn't publish (wishful thinking).

Please help! If I need to rebuild this project for some reason I need to get moving on it immediately.

I've added an example below. The screen capture image is missing (but shows in the thumbnail) and there's also a mouse icon that doesn't show, but is listed in the timeline.

Thank you!

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