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I am having a problem with a question i am adding.

there are 4 options - April(correct answer), June(incorrect answer), October(correct answer) and December(also a correct answer).


To answer the question correctly the user must select april, october and december.

I have a feedback box which is initially hidden but a trigger that changes its state to normal when the user clicks a check answer button - subject to the conditions on the button being true -

the conditions set are:

Aprils state is selected, Junes state is normal, octobers state is selected and decembers state is selected.

All words correctly if i choose a combination of wrong answers - ie the correct feedback does not appear - but if i tick all 4 boxes the correct feedback box shows -

Screenshot of the page and the trigger attached

What am i missing?? its driving me crazy..




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Christian Herman

I don't think of Normal as a state, but rather as a NULL state. To make your trigger work, give it something to check against by changing the June condition to this:

AND CBJune - "June"'s state is not Selected

But my burning question is: Why aren't you using a multiple response question slide? All of this would have been built for you.

Ian Mullineaux

That’s fantastic – makes perfect sense now.

Only just started to use the software and needed to put something together quickly with multiple self assessments and various feedback in it – wasn’t sure how the built in features worked and didn’t have the time to have a look so just did something simple to get it done….

Need to spend some time going through the features next to see how things can be done better using what is available..

Thanks for the assistance.. very much appreciated