Help with a Storyline Business Case

May 18, 2012

Hello wonderful community,

My team and I are working to build a business case to purchase Storyline instead of the current plan of putting us all through Captivate training (approx $800 and up per person for 5-6 people). I have 2 questions

1. Does anyone have a business plan including key features and benefits for switching to Storyline that you would be will to share, even just as an example or starting point?

2. Is there a list of other companies who are now using Storyline? My company is big on following best practices and trends so that type of info could be helpful. I saw the list of Articulate customers but it doesn't specify Storyline customers.

Just a suggestion to the Articulate staff, maybe include something in the downloads section that could be used as a foundation for a business case listing not only features but cost benefits. I know I have many colleagues in the area interested in presenting something to their management teams that just don't know how.

Thanks as always for your input and support!


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Jamie Morgan

Good luck Natalia. Run far, far, far away from Captivate as fast as you can.  =-)

I've used Articulate Presenter, Lectora, Captivate, Flypaper, and now Articulate Storyline to develop courses and I will tell you that Lectora and Articulate Storyline are far and away the best. Storyline and Lectora are very similar in functionality, but Storyline is much easier to use because of the intuitive interface.

Gerry Wasiluk

You can probably also draw some things from this wonderful blog posting by R. Jacquez:

I happen to think that his #1 (and Articulate's support after the sale) can often be a great supporting point--the support you get here in this leading e-learning Community and the rest of the "after-the-sale" resources to be successful that Articulate provides.  Best value.

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