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Jul 18, 2013

Create a variable called count that starts with value = 0. On main page thee are 3 buttons leading to 3 different sections. When user completes a section there is a button taking them back to the main page; before they go back to main page there is a trigger instructing the variable to increase by 1. After viewing the 3 sections, the variable should now have a value of 3. I've set up a trigger on the main page so that when the variable equals 3 or more, a layer is to appear. This layer shows a button that directs them to a web page. However in running the file, the new layer doesn't ever appear. Any suggestions.

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Bruce Graham

Hi David,

At first glance, I think it's because the "Show Layer" statement is on the Layer rather than the Base Layer.

Try changing it to "Show Layer Survey when Timeline starts on BaseLayerName" and put that on the Base Layer - then I think it will be OK. Sorry cannot test it out.

Also - my personal preference is to use T/F rather than count, but that's just me.


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