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Jan 10, 2015

Hi all,

I'm creating  a workshop for unemployed people to help them understand the online job application process. I would like to help them create a fact sheet containing the information that employers require over and over so that they can have the data available for copy and paste. I've created the text fields, set up the variables and created a slide to email the data to themselves, but the mailto: doesn't respond when clicked. I have a mail client installed and a similar code is working in another workshop.

If you're a javascript guru and have some time, would you be willing to take a look. A word of warning... there are a TON of variables in the file.

I would really appreciate any assistance offered. Thanks so much.

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Jan Vilbrandt

Hi Laura,

take a closer look to your double-quotes because you are using curly quotes instead of "normal" double quotes.

Referring article:

-> Unicode code point table - only single or double quotes are allowed.

Change your wrong double quotes to ---"--- Quotes or single quotes ---'--- and try again.

By the way:

there is a limit to the size of the body of a mailto call.

Try Google and look for "mailto body length limit".

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