Help with Lightbox+Triggers+Layers!

Aug 22, 2016

Hello all,

I am struggling to achieve the following:

There is a slide with 5 buttons (home). When the learner clicks each of these 5 buttons they will see a question. If they answer the question correctly, they will see some more content (currently a layer), if they answer incorrectly they will "incorrect" feedback and clicking "continue" will close the question. Then they can either click that same button to try again, or click a different button.

Important notes:
The 5 buttons must be on the same slide.
They must be clickable in any order.
The slide can NOT use "resume saved state" because there are many unrelated "when timeline starts" triggers that need to remain.

Currently I have tried making the 5 questions their own scene, and then I have them appear as lightboxes on the home page. The questions have positive/negative feedback. When the incorrect answer is chosen, the continue button closes the lightbox. When the correct answer is chosen the "continue" button closes the lightbox and changes variable "question1" to true. When the lightbox closes I want layer "Extrainfo1" to show only if variable "question1" is equal to true.

The lightbox is closing fine, but I can't manage to get layer "Extrainfo1" to show. "When timeline starts" doesn't work because the timeline resumes. "When variable changes" doesn't seem to work because the variable technically changes during the lightbox. There is no "When lightbox closes" I can add conditions to.

Advice? HELP!?

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Wendy Farmer

Can you add a trigger on your lightbox layer to 'jump to slide' main slide and then on the main slide have the variable change when timeline starts. 

So instead of just closing the lightbox and going back to the main slide (where timeline of main doesn't restart). Add the trigger to jump to slide main slide which would restart the timeline.

Haven't tested but might give you an idea.

Hard to say without seeing your file setup - so if you want to upload your story file someone might be able to suggest workarounds for you.

Kayla Burtch


I'm still nervous what will happen if they just click the red X. It's a shame I can't just disable it.

Currently I'm considering a work around where it just jumps to the question slide, and then the question slide LOOKS like a lightbox (The same background but then the question in front of it as if it were a pop-up but fake) and then having the continue button bring them back to the home slide.

It's a shame the lightbox is so restricted though. You should really have more control over what the X does or how it looks or what happens when you return from it. Because having a way to show another slide repeatedly is really nice as a feature, but currently it's so restricted.

Thanks though!

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