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Jun 27, 2013

I have a question bank with 25 questions and I want the learners to take the quiz which will randomly select 10 of the 25 questions and then display the results. I then want to allow them to retry the quiz but with different random questions taken from the same question bank. It seems the random draw only works the first time and I cant figure out how to set the quiz to redraw new questions from the same bank.... Any help would be greatly appreciated


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Gary Williams

Hi Christine,

no they are exactly the same questions in exactly the same order every time I select retry quiz . I want learners to retake the quiz and each time the selection to be different but cant figure it out.

If I quit the course and start again then the questions change but surely this should randomise the questions each time?

I am using the standard Retry quiz function and have all quiz questions set to 'Reset to initial state'

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Gary!

Looks like it may be an issue with the trigger order on the results slide. I noticed that the "Reset Results" trigger was positioned under the "Jump to" trigger for the "Try Again" button.

I changed this so that the reset happens before the jump and I do see some improvement. Some questions are repeated (this generally happens in randomized question banks), but they aren't exactly the same or in the same order anymore, from what I can see.

I'm attaching the modified file to this post. Can you take a look and let me know if you're seeing the same thing?



I'm having a similar problem with randomization.  For my project there are 5 question banks, each relating to a specific category.  After the user correctly answers a question from bank 1, they advance to bank 2.  If they do not answer correctly, they are given a new question from the same bank.  Each bank has 5 questions in it.  I would expect, even with randomizing the draw, you could expect to get the same question after an incorrect answer on occasion. Without exception, once you answer the question incorrectly, you receive the same question again (with your previous answer still in the box in the case of text/numeric entry) and again and again.  I've attached the question loop, and if you can offer any insight, I would really appreciate it.  Thank you!

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