Help with setting up variables please!

Sep 13, 2013


I am having trouble with setting up a variable that makes a button appear once the user has clicked on all of the sections of the slide.


Ideally, once the user has clicked on all 3 sections of the triangle a continue button will appear, but I am unsure on how to set this up using triggers, variables and conditions. I have tried to create another layer for the button so that I could set up a variable to show or hide the layer, depending on whether the user has clicked all of the sections or not, but I have no idea how to go about this.

Has anybody got any advice on how to do this?



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Michael Hinze

See attached file. The three colored parts of the triangle are separate objects that each have a Visited state. The Continue button's initial state is Hidden. All you need is one slide trigger that changes the Continue button's state to Normal if the state of all three triangle parts are Visited. Hope that helps.

Michaella Roess

Hi Michael,

I have set up the triggers now but each section of the triangle is meant to open a new layer of the slide and for some reason this is no longer working with the other triggers in place. I put a button on each section instead of a text box is so that I could change the states of them and then added triggers to those so that they change to 'visited' when the user clicks on them. I then copied the trigger for the continue button that you sent me and repeated all of these triggers onto each layer of the slide. However, now the triggers to open the new layers aren't working when I preview the slide.

Do you have any idea where I may have gone wrong?

Thanks again,


Nandini Khandekar

Hi Sophie

I have tried a different approach. Instead of visited state, I have created 3 variables(initial value=false) and placed  hotspots on fire, heat and oxygen each. Upon clicking, I am showing the respective layer and also making the respective variable true. Also, the initial state of 'Continue' button is hidden. Making the state normal when all the 3 variables are true. Attached is the updated .story file.

Feel free to ask in case of doubt.

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