Solved - Help with Slide Layers

Jan 17, 2023

I'm describing different areas of a software using 5 slide layers and a base layer. I want the learner to click each area to learn more. Each area corresponds to a separate slide layer. There is audio on each layer. When each area is clicked, there's a check to indicate that it's been visited (I just wanted a fun visual, vs greying it out). After the audio on each layer completes, the layer hides and returns to the base layer. I want to jump to next slide only after the media on all slide layers completes. 

I tried adding 5 shapes to the base layer and doing a state change (change state of shape 1 to hidden after layer 1 audio completes, state of shape 2 to hidden after layer 2 audio completes, and so on), and then having a trigger to jump to next slide once all shapes are hidden, but the shapes aren't changing states at all.  so this didn't work. I don't know why the state of the shapes aren't being affected by an action on a slide layer. 

Any thoughts on how to get it to do what I'm trying to do? I've reviewed some similar posts but they're slightly different from what I'm going for. 

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