Help With Triggers and Variables

Mar 06, 2013

Hi Everyone

I have set up a quiz using a variable, states and triggers. Essentially, the learner has to choose what they would include in a project management business case. 

In the attached screen shot, four of the elements have to be selected. I have set-up a trigger to add one point to a variable if the status of these is selected. This is working fine. 

However, the one element that has not to be selected, I cannot get to be counted in the score the learner gets (which they see on the next layer). 

I have tried setting up the trigger in various ways, e.g. add 1 point if the state is equal is normal; add 1 point if the status is not equal to selected. I also tried setting up a condition that re-enforced that the status of this box has to be normal or not selected, but  cannot get it to count towards the score.

I have attached a screen shot that shows how I have set this up. The box selected in the work area is the one that has to remain status normal/not equal to selected for the learner to get a point. 

Does anyone have any ideas? 

Thanks in advance. 

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