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I'm trying to create an interaction that simulates a search engine.  I have three search terms, and I want the student to select a term, drag it to the search bar, then click a search button.  Depending on which term they select, they will be taken to a layer with a screenshot of that term's results.

I think I need to create some sort of variable but I'm at a loss.  Basically, the search button needs to do three different things, depending on the term that's dropped in the hotspot.

Would appreciate any help!



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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Korey,

Just saw this so threw together a quick example. Although it may not be exactly what you're looking for, it may help to get you started. And it's VERY vanilla!

As Jerson says, you may be able to do this with states. Although he mentioned triggering to go to a slide, I see that you want Learners to go to a Layer, so that's what I've done here.


In addition to the Base (Drag and Drop) Layer, I added layers for each Definition


I removed the Submit button from the Slide Properties and inserted the Next button.

I set When Revisiting on the Slide Properties dialog box to "Reset to initial state."


I added a Drop Correct state to each of the 3 words, all of which are going to be dropped on the Search Rectangle

TRIGGERS - Base Layer

One trigger for each text box. Example:

Show Layer First Word when the user clicks the Search button if the FirstWord Text box = Drop Correct.

TRIGGERS - Each Definition Layer

Hide layer, this layer, when user clicks OK Button

Jump to slide, Slide 1.1, Drag and Drop (so, to the base layer when the user clicks the OK button.

I think I captured it all. Please shout out with any questions.