Help with Variable / Trigger Mechanism


I have a slide set with 5 icons, each with a variable set initially to 'false'. I added a trigger to change the value of the icon to 'true' when it is selected. I tested the variable change in preview, and it does change the value to true. Then, I added a trigger to advance to the next slide when the variables for each of the 5 icons = true. However, the slide advance is not working. Any ideas? Help would be greatly appreciated!


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Dennis Bird


With the trigger set to execute when the timeline ends and the variables are set to true, it's waiting until the timeline ends, which is approximately 45 seconds or so, before it goes to the next slide. I deleted your audio file from the first slide and changed the timeline to 15 seconds and it worked as you desire. I suggest you work the timeline to make it execute as you would like. Hope this makes sense. Best of luck.