Help with variables. I'm just not getting it! :(

Feb 21, 2022

Hi! I have a quiz that I want a box to populate after all of the drag and drops are correct. I can't get it to populate. I created a variable and then the trigger that states if the variable = 8 to change the state of the text box and button to normal. I then created triggers assigning each of the 8 drop targets the value of 1. telling it to add 1 to the variable each time the drop target and object line up correctly. 

I attached the file and screenshot of part of the triggers. 

Thank you for your help! :)

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Rhonda,

The default value of your variable is set to 8.

Since you want to track the 8 correct responses, the default value of the variable should be 0.

By the way, I found it frustrating to try to drag the icons, because if I happened to point to a transparent area, I couldn't drag it. I suggest you re-do the draggable items so that you have one shape w/ the text and the icon. If you set its fill to 100% transparent, it'll be completely clickable, but you'll still see thru the icon. 

  • I put an example of that on the 2nd slide of the attached file. 
Nancy Woinoski

You only needed one true/false variable for what you wanted to do. I used variable 1 but renamed it to DropCorrect to make it easier to identify.

I then created a trigger to adjust the variable DropCorrect to true when the state of all your drag items was = to drop correct.

I added two additional triggers to change the congrats text box and the continue button to normal when the DropCorrect variable changed to true.

Note: when the congrats text box is visible, one of the drag objects sits on top of it. You are going to have to move and adjust the sizing of the text box so it displays in an area where there are no drag objects.