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Dec 05, 2012

I inserted a video into a storyline project last week and turned it into a "Pop Up Video" like one of the music videos on VH1. I had various messages popping into the video throughout...highlighting various comments.  It worked perfect on my computer but once it was viewed over a verizon wireless phone card the performance went way down. It seemed it took a little time for the video to load but the timeline on the slide continued on....therefore causing all of the timing on my pop-ups to be mis-aligned. Any ideas on how to prevent this from happening.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Bret,

First, very cool idea! I think that's very creative and I'm sure users will enjoy that type of video.

In regards to the phone card, it may be due to the speed or limits of the card. Depending on the file size and the transfer rate of the card, it may just be impacted by the speed of the connection. I cannot say I've worked with that type of connection, personally, but it makes me think of the days of dial-up. If you intend to have users view the content over a connection like that, you might want to consider simplifying the course.

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