Hidden Elements are visible in the Word Export

Jun 05, 2018


in Storyline 3, is there a way to hide hidden elements in a Word Export?

We noticed that when we create a Word Export of a web-based training, all of our internal review numbers (which are only visible if the trigger is on) turn visible in the Word Export. We have web-based trainings that have more than 200 slides. As you can imagine, deleting the numbers manually would be very time-consuming. But we need to create a Word Export for our learners. 

Is there a way that elements with the status "hidden" stay invisible in a Word Export?

Kind regards,


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Birgit,

Are you seeing this with items that have a hidden state, until they are triggered by something? Or with items, you hid on the timeline using the small "eye" icon? 

Those that are triggered will be displayed as a part of the Word publish as it'll include everything that's on the slide, including things that may not appear till later in the slide timeline as it's a snapshot of the slide as a whole. 

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