Hidden next button, slide layers, variables, and triggers

Jul 26, 2018


In the attached story slide 1.2 is a multi layer slide set up with a trigger so that the next button does not change to state normal until a variable “selected” is triggered to true. The variable triggers to true on the slide layer named “PRF how to”.

The issue is that when I navigate to the next slide (1.3 Quiz) and then return to slide 1.2 I cannot get the next button to appear again.. The result is you're stranded on side 1.2, unless you navigate thru the menu. This is a dilemma for me if learners want to go back to previous slides.

I tried to solve by doing the following:

1.       Managing the slide layer properties for the slide layer named “PRF how to”. I set the slide layer property to “reset to initial state” when revisiting but that didn’t solve the issue.

2.       I also tried the same technique for the base layer of slide 1.2

Can you help me resolve this?

Thank you,


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