Hide buttons after corresponding slides where visited.

Jul 18, 2023

Hello all,

I'm wondering how i can create a menu which hides allready visited menu items?

For extra information, i want to create a semi-sandbox environment with some guidance for an ERP System. The environment has menu items which only are clickable once.

For a proof of concept i've created a menu with three buttons. These buttons refer to layers on the menu which should be shown depending on what button has been clicked on.

After clicking on a button and going back it should show the remaining not clicked button(s). (In case of three buttons only one should be left after clicking on two buttons.)

I've created true/false variables to check what menu have been visited and i've created layers for every variable. (show layer Button 1, when the timeline starts on this slide if ButtonVisited1 = value true,  show layer Button 2, when the timeline starts on this slide if ButtonVisited2 = value true, etc etc and etc etc) 

My progress thusfar is that after button 1 has been clicked, the user can go back to the menu whereafter button 1 is not be visible.  (I got that to work thanks to some of the commuity posts here. ) 
When i however click on button 2 and go back it shows the layer with all of the buttons and not the (left over) not clicked onces. 

Please help/advice/wizardry how to get this done :) 

Kind regards,


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Judy Nollet

I'm currently on a machine without Storyline, so I can't open your file at the moment. 

However, based on your description, it seems the simplest solution would be to add a trigger to each menu button that changes its state to Hidden when the user clicks it. (Note: This assume that all 3 buttons are on the base. It definitely gets more complicated if you repeat buttons on the layers.)

Tommi Ojala

What Judy wrote above indeed works and will be far easier to set up than the version that you had going on. No need for all those layers and related trigger work.

But I would keep those True/False triggers that you had in case that those three  sections will be multible slides long. That way the buttons on the fist page will not disappear as soon as it is clicked, but once the longer section is completed (where ever that section complete True/False trigger may eventually be).

In that way if the user goes back to the first slide from sidebar menu, the section button is still there if the section was not completed before.