Hide Player Menu item for Lightboxed Slides

Nov 28, 2023

I tried looking for the answer to hide the menu items for the lightbox slides included in the red box on my screenshot below, but could not find the solution.

I appreciate any help.

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Richard Campbell

I found the solution to my problem here - but it might be more helpful for other developers to have it discussed in the webinars on the Player and the Lightbox slides.

Removing Items from the Menu

Sometimes it’s helpful to remove a title from the menu. Just select the scene or slide title and click the Delete heading button below the menu.

Scenes and slides you remove from the menu will still be part of your published course; they just won’t show in the menu.

If you remove a title that has indented slides below it, Storyline will give you the option to keep them or remove them.

Steven Benassi

Hi Richard!

Glad to hear you found a resolution for your issue!

I believe this is the resource you were referencing with your latest reply. Thanks for sharing what worked for you! I'm sure other users discovering this thread will find it very helpful!

Have a great rest of your week!