Hide this layer trigger not working

May 01, 2014

Hi guys,

We have a pretty complex set of triggers.

On slide we two slide triggers. 1 - change state of button1 to true if variable a is set to true. 2 - Jump to next slide if variable a is true. We have two player triggers. 1 - Show layer No Answer if Button1 and Button2 are set to state normal. 2 - Submit interaction if Button1 or Button2 are true.

Correct layer - Set variable a to true. hide layer and jump to next slide on click.

Incorrect layer - Hide layer and jump to next slide on click.

no answer layer - Hide layer on click.

To sum it up, we have a variable that allows us to present incorect questions by resetting the results and selecting the correct result if the appropriate variable is set to true (on Correct layer). I then wanted to keep the no answer popup in line with our custom correct and incorrect layers, so I set this layer to show if all options are set to state normal (not selected) which works. But when I click the OK button (trigger set to hide this layer) it does nothing. I've looked at the Feedback Master for this button and it also simply has hide layer.

Any thoughts on what is stopping it from hiding the layer? I can force the system to jump to that specific slide which hopefully wouldn't cause any problems, but this would result in a manual trigger for every slide.


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