Hiding objects after they've been dragged and dropped on a target

Dec 05, 2017


There are several discussions on how to do this, and I've attempted some of the fixes posted. However, I'm still doing something incorrectly.  I've added a trigger for an object to hide after its been dropped on a target, but it doesn't hide. Ideas on what I could be doing wrong? I've attached a picture of the trigger.



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Michelle Miller

Hi Jane,

Have you selected the object that you would like it to be dropped on (see picture attached)? I don't see a checkmark in the screenshot.

Additionally, there are 2 triggers: dragged over and dropped on. If you would like the learner to release the object "Consult Ofact" onto the target before it disappears, make sure you're choosing "object dropped on" rather than "object dragged over." If you select "object dragged over," then the object will disappear before the learner releases their mouse.

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