Hiding/unhiding groups

Dec 07, 2016

Why is it that I can mass hide/unhide and that works fine, but when I'm trying to unhide a group of objects if I unhide just the group object that doesn't unhide the individual objects, I have to go in and unhide each item? Seems like a bug.

This timeline quirk is a little hard to explain, but I'll take a shot at it anyways. I have a slide (actually lots of slides) with LOTS of objects (30+) on the base layer timeline, which are set to fade in/out to make room on the stage for the next section of content. The length of the timeline also happens to be very long (2-4 minutes). When trying to isolate objects for editing purposes and you finally find the object (or grouping of objects) that you need to edit, you make the edit, but then the timeline refreshes back to the top and beginning after changes to objects are made forcing you to go find that grouping of objects on the timeline again should you need to continue working with them. This adds a lot of time to the editing process.

Btw—It wasn't my choice to develop slides where everything lives on the base layer's timeline because looking at the slide with all objects turned on is pretty scary.

My two requests from this is let me unhide all objects in a group by unhiding the group object and have the timeline stay on the objects being edited until I move it.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kimberly,

Thanks for reaching out here with the issue you've run into. Are you able to share a copy of your .story file or a screen recording of the behavior you're describing here? It may help us determine what's causing it, if there is a way around it, or report it to our team as a bug or new feature request. If you'd prefer to not share that information publicly you can also send it along to our Support Engineers here and they'll be happy to take a look. 

Kimberly Valliere

Ashley--I finally got around to submitting a video of the unhide groups issue to the support team.

Since I will be doing some editing, perhaps I can figure out a consistent way to make the other behavior present itself. Really, it is just the timeline resetting back to the start after viewing a preview or making a change. On really long timelines, it is extremely time consuming to locate the specific object(s) that need to be manipulated when that happens. Having a way to "lock" the timeline would be nice.

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