Highlight the Lowest Score of Multiple Variables

Aug 01, 2018


I have just built my first self-assessment (with much help from past discussions) using Storyline. My scoring is working, so learners are able to see their respective "scores" in each category that I've made.

It is working wonderfully, I just have one final tweak that I would love to make. The "ask" from the stakeholder is that whichever two categories the learner scores the LOWEST in, they be asked to make a commitment to improve in those two areas over the coming year. 

My question is thus: is there a way to tell Storyline to do something based on the lowest value among several variables? Simply, I just want Storyline to either highlight the two lowest scores (which each have variable values) or simply show via a textbox which two categories have the lowest scores.

Thanks very much in advance,
Dave Snoots

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