Hosting portfolio files - Mac version

May 09, 2017

Has anyone cracked a way to host Storyline content for a portfolio using a Mac?

I understand why all the instructions on here are for PC (eg the fan, but I can't find any usable instructions - for example - to upload Storyline files using Amazon web services. 

If anyone has idiot-proof ideas with no techno-words I would love to know about them.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Katherine,

Are you the author of the course, or being provided with published files after the fact?

If you're authoring in Storyline, you'd need to be doing so in Windows as we don't have native Mac software. If you're publishing for web you can upload that inside the Windows environment or the Mac environment - is that where you're getting stuck? 

Walt Hamilton

If you can create them and publish them for the web, any computer that can read web pages can read your portfolio.

Once a portfolio piece is published, you end up with a folder full of files that needs to be put in a place where other people can access it. Amazon is an example of a place like that. Some people use Cloudberry to load things to Amazon.

Ultimately, the answer to your question is yes, but it's a pretty broad question. For more specific answers, you need to narrow you question down. Start with Ashley's idea - How far have you gotten, and where are you getting stuck?


Katherine Redfern

Hi Ashley

I created the courses in Windows but am working on a mac at home - hence the need for Mac help. I wanted to put them in an online portfolio.

I published them for web as suggested by Walt but I can't seem to find a way to host the files that doesn't involve great complexity. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious!

Thanks for your help!

Crystal Horn

Hi Katherine!  Do you currently have a website or an LMS that you will use to share your course?

Have you had a look at this article about publishing and sharing your content?

It offers some ideas for hosting your content in a variety of environments, including Amazon S3.

The article was written for Storyline 2, but you can do the same things with your Storyline 360 content!  And 360 has the added feature of using Articulate Review to share your course with and gather feedback from stakeholders.

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