Hot Spot Feedback

I created a hot spot instant feedback activity. The learn drags and object to a hot spot and receive information about that particular object. After all objects have been dragged to the hot spot I created a condition to show the Congratulations level once all are closed.

I can't wrap my head around why the Congratulation slide is not showing. I created variables, several different conditions, made disable states for all the objects (with the logic of after all the objects are disabled, show layer Congratulations). I also created a shape that will hide the layer of the object and added a condition to it (with the logic of after all ovals [shapes] have been "closed" show layer Congratulations).

I know the issue lies in my conditions and I know it's something very simple, I just can't get it to click in my head today. I've watched several tutorials and I know that there is something minor I am missing.

I've attached my .story file.

Thank you,

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Michael Hinze

Have a look at the attached file and see if that's what you wanted. I changed a number of triggers and added variables that signify that the various layers have been viewed. I also changes the layers' properties to prevent learners from clicking/dragging objects on the baselayer. Back on the baselayer, there is a slide trigger that shows the Congratulations layer only when all layers have been viewed. Hope that helps.