Hot Spots and Transparent shapes

I'd like some advice. I'm creating a slide where I'm having users hunt for errors in a paragraph. I started out by placing transparent shapes over the words with errors that highlight and explain the error when clicked on. However, I don't want the learner to know they're over the right error by having the arrow turn into a hand cursor.

So I decided to use hotspots instead, since you can turn off the hand cursor option. The problem I'm running into is that the paragraph is long enough that I need to use a scrolling panel and both the transparent shapes and hotspots, even when they're all in the scrolling panel, are moving around and aren't on top of the errors. I wanted to group everything together and then put it into the scrolling panel so that the shapes and hotspots stay in the correct place, but you can't group hotspots.


Help? Thanks. 

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Judy Nollet

Try this:  Add a trigger to the text box(or shape) with the paragraph. For example, have the trigger change the state of that box to normal (its existing state). Thus, the trigger doesn't actually do anything, but the cursor will change to the hand over the entire paragraph, so it won't give away the placement of the transparent shapes with triggers.

Then add your transparent shapes on top of the errors, with the triggers that highlight the error and explain it.

You can group all of that, place it in the scrolling panel, and everything should stay in place.

Good luck!

Brian McCann

Phil, I checked and all the hotspots are already inside the scrolling panel. Not sure why they're moving around. 

Judy, that's an interesting idea I've never thought of. However, I'm not doing it right as my transparent shapes, even when pulled to the front, aren't clickable. Do you, or anyone else, have a simple mockup of what you're suggesting? Thanks!


Indrani Sen


I have a similar question regarding creating a scrolling text box with multiple items with hot spots.  I got a great template using 'search' feature from this site.  This search feature works perfectly for limited items. However the goal is to fit in couple of more items (with hot spots )in this scrolling text box. How can I do this? Any help will be super. Thank you.