Hotspot Quiz slides with other clickable objects

Hi Community,

  I'm hoping someone may be able to help me here!

  I'm building a course that features a number of hotspot quiz questions, but I'm running into some problems.  My main issue is that other than the hotspot items (in which users are given 3 tries to get it correct), my slide also features a number of other clickable objects that aren't part of the interaction.  These items lead learners to other slides, as well as other layers.  At the moment, when learners click on these, the quiz interprets them as incorrect, even though I don't want them to be part of that interaction.  I realize I could build a hotspot question from scratch, but then there is an issue of giving the learner 3 tries to get the answer correct.  I realize I could create variables, but I'm wondering whether there is a simpler solution.  I've tried pick1 as opposed to hotspot but I'm having the same problem.

Hope someone can help!  Thanks in advance,



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Michael Hinze

You could add the hotspots which are not part of the question to another layer and show this layer when the slide's timeline starts. That  way, the correct/incorrect hotspot(s) on the baselayer can be clicked AND the non-scoreable items are also clickable but are not evaluated by the Submit action.