Hotspot slide opens without a question box

Mar 31, 2023

I'm new and this is probably my error but it is frustrating none the less. I want to use hotspots to create some training.I go the the Home tab choose, 1. New Slide

2. Freeform Question,  3. Then I choose Hotspot 4. Then insert slide.

The slide opens but there is no place to add a question? Can anyone help? see attachment



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Elizabeth Pawlicki

Hi Larry! This is a great question and what you're noticing is the difference between a "Graded Question" slide and a "Freeform Question" slide. Here's a quick recording to show you the difference!:

When you choose freeform question, or build a slide and then "convert to freeform", you just need to identify the hotspot that's the correct answer to the question. But if you choose the Graded Question slide, it prompts you to ask the question in the form view, as opposed to just adding that question on the freeform slide yourself in the form of a text box.

John Morgan

Hi Larry,

Thanks for reaching out today! I understand you want to create a form-based hotspot question so you can enter the question details into it. To be able to utilize that option you'll want to create a graded hotspot question. The freeform hotspot question doesn't give that option. After clicking Slides >> Graded Question, click the Hotspot option in the Graded Questions window. Here's a screenshot highlighting that option.


Also, here's an article with more on adding form-based questions!

I hope this helps!