Hover and click on the same hotspot

Jul 15, 2015

I have setup a hotspot (actually multiple on the same slide).

When I rollover hotspot#1 a textbox is displayed.

When I click on hotspot #1 I jump to another slide. Then, return to the original slide. -- That is what I want to see.

When I come back to the original slide, the textbox is still displayed on the screen. (So when I return to the slide, after clicking on each of 7 hotspots, that each go off to a different slide, all my textboxes are displayed on the original slide.)

I have setup three triggers on each hotspot.

Textboxes are initially set to "hidden".

Trigger #1 - on rollover, change state of textbox from hidden to normal. (restore on mouse leave is checked)

Trigger #2 - on click, jump to slide

(I added a third trigger - trying to make sure my textbox is hidden when I come back to the slide)

Trigger #3 - on click, change state of textbox to hidden. (thinking maybe the clicking on the hotspot re-triggered the textbox to normal)

So the question is: Why do come back to the slide and still see the textbox associated with the hotspot still visible? Once I click on the 2nd 3rd etc. hotspots and return, my slide is littered with textboxes.

How do I make sure when I return to the original slide it is clean (all textboxes hidden)?

Thanks for any suggestions.



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