Hover AND Drag...is it possible?

Jun 27, 2014

Hi there!

I have created a drag and drop freeform question.  There is a word bank, then the learner needs to drag a word to a corresponding statement.  I want the learner to be able to hover over a word and get a prompt with a description, then when the learner clicks on the word to move it, i want the description to go away and the word to move to the drop location.

So I have the hover states on the words setup.  And I have the drag and drop interaction setup.  Both are working great.  The only problem is that the hover state remains active even after the learner clicks.  Is there a way to get around that?  Any help would be appreciated!



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Meryem M


I was able to accomplish this with a combination of states and layers.

Put the hint on a layer rather than in the hover state.

Then each word needs both a Hover state and a Down state. 

Set these two triggers, in this order on each word:

  1. Show hint layer when state of word is Hover.
  2. Close hint layer when state of word is Down.

If they don't click down on the word, then you'll also need a trigger on the layer to close that hint layer.

David Anderson

Hi Hassan - I see that it's not working like before. I'm sending a note to our dev team to figure out what's changed. Best solution now would be to place the caption/tooltip on a slide layer and use Storyline's built-in hover state to manage the slide layer. 

I'll update this thread shortly with news on the original file I posted.

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