Hover State Inconsistencies...

Aug 14, 2012

So in this project I'm working on I've deleted the hover states on all of my links that open documents. Unfortunately, an ugly hover state persists with some (but not all) of the links. It's a like a ghost, I can't track it down to get rid of it.

I've tried putting in an attractive hover state on the link with the ugly hover state but it still reverts back to the ugly one!

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Gerry Wasiluk

Thanks.  Well I know where the ugly color from from the first two. 

Go to Design > Colors and then Create New Theme colors.

Look at the Hyperlink color.  If I remember right, the hyperlink hover is always a shade of your Hyperlink color.  You can experiment with that and see if you can come up with something that works.

As for why this does not happen on the last link is a bit of a stumper for the moment.

Holly Eva

Well, I tried to make a new theme with new theme colors, and applied the changes to all the slides in the presentation. Upon preview, it STILL has that ugly violet color on the two pdf links, and no hover color on the Word document.

I think the next thing I may do is start from scratch but import all the content into the new course and see what happens.

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