Hover State VS Button State

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if someone can help me to find the 'easy' way to get this sorted....

So the idea is to create a slide which look similar to a website that has a drop down option when you hover over the menu icons... When the drop down appears, it will show a list of options which when clicked, will redirect you to the selected area.

From what i know about Storyline is you are not able to create a Hotspot inside a state (correct me if i am wrong). So does that mean i need to create an individual slide for every single option in the drop down menus? I was trying to keep the file as small as possible. (This will be entered into a presentation which is already 48 slides heavy)

Take a look at my slide and see if you can see what i cant. 

The first icon (two little people) is a button. When you click the button, the menu remains in place yet you still cant select the options - i think this is where i need to add a slide..

The other icons are set up as Hover States.

Thank you


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Jesse Spinella

You can't put triggers, hotspots, buttons or markers onto different states of an object, but you can set a trigger to show a layer. So, to answer your question, no, you won't need an individual slide for each menu pull down, you'll have to have a single layer for each of your menu pull downs. Now, for the options within the pull down, you will have to have a new slide for those options to link to.

This is how I've created my own pull down menu system for other projects.

Check this out. ...