Hover using freeform hotspots

Jul 28, 2021


I have 6 cut-out images with a transparent areas on a slide. Because the boundary box of some images overlap other images, this messes with the hover areas. Sometimes if I hover over an image the hover state of an adjacent image appears because the transparent area of that adjacent image overlaps the image I'm hovering over.

To solve this I'm using freeform hotspots to trigger the hover and selected state of the images. These are the triggers I'm using:



I want to achieve that when the user clicks the image, the hover state no longer works and the image remains in its selected state. So I created a 'disabled' state. When I click the hotspot the disabled state is activated. However, when I move the mouse outside of the hotspot area, the image goes back to its original (normal) state.

How do I prevent that?

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Phil Mayor

Using another object to trigger a hover state is a little flakey. I am not sure this is fixable as in this case it is working as expected. You may want to activate a transparent shape that blocks the hover on click and then on timeline start of that object that changes the object below to disabled