Hovers and Clicks Don't Work Consistently

Jun 10, 2020

Hi, I've created layers with triggers for showing text and playing audio clips except they all do not work consistently. I have them all set up correctly. Please help. I need to present this slide by this Thursday to the client.

Thank you.

~ Flora Del Angel

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Sam Hill

Try this one Flora. Seemed to be a lot of unnecessary triggers in the layer slides. I removed them. Let me know if this behaves how you were hoping?

I think the main issue was that you were not resetting the layers to their initial state and so when the Mouse over layers had shown, they did not reset and show again.

Flora Del Angel

Sam, thank you. That worked famously! If you don't mind, I've got a similar slide that I need to do the same thing to and have attached it. I'm new to Storyline and am still learning and appreciate your patience. I disabled the audio triggers because I was having the same problem as the previously, and then the #3 graphic grayed out. So, I definitely could use help with this one too. Again, I'm under the gun with this one. Thank you again for tremendous help! ~ Flora

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