How can I access a course developed on articulate from a different articulate license

Nov 15, 2021

Hi there. I developed a course for an organisation using my personal Articulate license.  I am now using the organisation's articulate license and I need to make updates to this course.  How can I do this using the organsations license?  

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Jeanie.

Files created in Storyline are saved in a .story format. What Phil is suggesting is that you transfer the .story file initially created in one computer to the one you will have access to Storyline. You can send it to yourself via e-mail or use a cloud service such as dropbox, google drive, etc. 

You mentioned that when you attempted to open it in Storyline, it didn't work. Did you receive an error message?

Jeanie van der Merwe

Thank you so much!  I've managed to access it on the organization's lap top.  When I tried previously, I tried accessing it after I published it - it just didn't work, but had no error message.  But I can get in now, make the changes I need to & publish again.  Thank you so much for all the help.  I love this community.