How can I adjust tab order to include content from slide?

Aug 05, 2020

I have downloaded a practice file from a Storyline Workshop, and I am not able to adjust the tab order to select content from the slide, it only selects items on the player... I have gone into the tab order feature and it shows that my content is available, however, when I preview, the tab order skips the content.

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Elizabeth Pawlicki

Hi Daniel!  This support article should help shed some light on this from the January 2020 release.  Prior to January 2020, screen reader users and keyboard-only users tabbed to every object on each slide. That method was technically accessible, but it was tedious for keyboard-only users, since keyboard-only users can see text and images.  Now, for keyboard only users,  these objects get skipped when tabbing through the slide content. This reduces the number of keystrokes needed to navigate the slide.  Let us know what questions you have!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Daniel!

Are you only using the TAB key, or are you using the arrow keys as well? If you're moving through a slide, then you'll need the arrow key to read off text. If you want to move through different buttons on a slide, then the TAB key will work!

Here's a quick video where I've explained how to move through your course using NVDA. If you're using JAWS, you'll still use the same keys I've used in this tutorial. Here's the link. 

Ron Price

Hey Daniel,

I took a look at your file, and all seems to be playing as expected in regards to Tab order. The information shared by Lauren and Elizabeth is spot on and give you more information than I will.  But in your case, specifically, the tab function is really not going to be in play for any of your items since you have not created any on-screen interactive objects, except for a few hotspots and since those are set to trigger on hover, they are not going to work well with keyboard-only access.  You do have a couple of hyperlinks inside a text box, but I would recommend those be converted to buttons or hotspots if you want those accessible by keyboard.

I hope that helps a little.


Ron Price

Hey Daniel -

It sounds like you are looking for the Accessibility Highlight to show up. Which will show up when you tab to a clickable item.  I published your file and watched it via NVDA. Using the arrow keys I was able to have the alt text on non-interactive items read to me even though the visual highlight did not appear.


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